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Arirang Korean Restaurant has quickly become the acclaimed authentic Korean food choice in Austin, TX. Whether you're a seasoned diner who frequently visits Korean restaurants or if it's your first Korean food experience our extensive menu will have something for everyone. Our friendly trained staff can answer any menu questions or make sure you're food is seasoned properly for your tastes.

As a leading Korean restaurant we have a fine selection of meat, noodle and vegetarian dishes with the delicious flavors that diners expect at Arirang Korean Restaurant. Our trained chefs only know how to cook authentic Korean food and they use only authentic and fresh ingredients because that's the only way to be truly authentic. Browse our menu and you'll find such traditional dishes like homemade dumplings, soft tofu soup, spicy pork bulgogi and dolsot bibimbap available with pork, chicken, beef or vegetarian. That's just a small selection of our classic menu which is why hundreds of diners make repeat visits to our restaurant every month.

Arirang Korean Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner with a daily lunch special available besides our already affordable prices for the entire family. If you're in a hurry or have a special event make sure you call in your order for our popular take out program. We'll have you Korean cuisine ready for pickup with the order correct and the food at its proper temperature exactly the way you would expect if you dined in. Our restaurant is conveniently located with ample parking so you can visit often for a fabulous tasting authentic Korean meal.

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